Voice Greetings

  • Have fun, express yourself with charm, wit, warmth and love. What ever it may be, please remember to be honest and keep it clean enough for public consumption.
  • Hate speech, racism, bigotry, offensive language or any discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated.

Profile Pictures

  • No nudity or explicit content
  • No photos of illicit drug use
  • No watermarks or text overlaid
  • No guns
  • No children who are not fully clothed and in your full-time care.
  • Make  sure you are front and centre in any group photos and clearly visible
  • Keep it clean, keep it real!


Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to stalking, bullying, sending threats or unsolicited sexual content to your matchs.

Solicitation, Promotion and Spamming

Do not use Soda as a place to sell or promote your services, products, ideas or divert people to external websites. You will be banned.

Private Information and Scamming

Please be mindful of anything you share publicly. Do not share any information that includes bank details, passwords, unlisted contact information, home or work addresses or any other details that can be used for fraudulent activity. NEVER RESPOND TO A REQUEST TO SEND MONEY. PLEASE REPORT IT TO US OR YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORECMENT.


You need to be 18 years of age or older to use Soda. Please report anyone you may suspect to be under the age of 18+.

Dating Safely

Things to consider when meeting someone for the first time:

  • Always take precautions when meeting for the first time. It’s always a good idea to keep your communication limited to the Soda platform and try and get to know the other person better before meeting face to face.
  • Always tell a family member or close friend about who the person you are meeting and where and when the meeting will take place.
  • Meeting in a public place is always recommended and always organise your own transport to and from the venue.
  • Keep your wits about you. Minimise alcohol consumption and don’t take anything that may impair your judgement. Stay in control.

How to Manage my Subscription


  1. Open the iTunes & Appstore.
  2. Select “view Apple ID”.
  3. Select the subscription you want to manage.

Reasons to Report Someone

Report all suspicious behaviour including but not limited to:

  • Anyone you may suspect to be a minor ( under the age of 18 )
  • Any fake/fraudulent profiles.
  • Anyone using offensive language or harassing messages.
  • Anyone posting spam, solicitation or promotional material.
  • Anyone posting pornographic or discriminatory material.

How to Report Bad Behaviour

  • While listening to voice greetings – Hold down on the persons profile picture then tap on the ‘Report’ button to send us a quick confidential report.
  • From your message screen – Slide to the left on the persons profile in your list. You will then have the option to ‘Delete’ or ‘Report’ the person.Tap on ‘Report’ to send us a quick confidential report.